This is an on-going post that will be used for smaller writings and musings. Content will include interesting quotes, random thoughts, intriguing questions (and hopefully their answers) and much more. Please feel free to respond to any of the writing here by indicating the date of the "tidbit" in your response. I intend this to... Continue Reading →

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Working in customer service for the past three years has shown me every possible side of humanity one can imagine. From the elderly woman who takes time out of her day to make you feel important and appreciated, to the middle aged man who screams at you in front of a dozen other people, I've... Continue Reading →

Your Yearly Dose of Patriotic Optimism

If you're anything like me, the last six months have been difficult, heart breaking, frustrating, exhausting, and all around depressing. We've seen several attempts by various groups to undermine the progress we've made as a nation over the last couple of decades. We've watched as those who are supposed to lead us to a better... Continue Reading →

White Fright

Confession time: I'm white. And because I'm white, I know I'm privileged. I'm privileged in ways that other white people aren't, that other women aren't, that other middle class people aren't. I went to a good school that had (some) money to invest in extra programs and quality teachers; I grew up with a roof over my head... Continue Reading →

Day of Conflicted Memorial

I've worked in customer service since I was 14 years old, and every Memorial Day weekend, the topic of small talk surrounds, almost ritualistically, plans for the long weekend. Typically, these plans involve some kind of cook-out, camping, or outdoor activities (I live in Iowa, this is usually the first somewhat warm weekend after a... Continue Reading →

Analysis: Executing Freedom by Daniel LaChance

In my search for the perfect graduate school, I've come across numerous authors, researchers, and professors who have all contributed immensely to the field I hope to study within. One of these persons is Daniel LaChance, professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His book, Executing Freedom, examines our nations sometimes strange and irrational obsession... Continue Reading →

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